8 Essentials for a Smooth Season Sponsored by Easypro Pond Products

Winter may bring chilly air and frosted landscapes, but your beloved pond doesn’t have to hibernate. Dive into this guide and unveil 8 essential tools to equip your aquatic oasis for a smooth winter season. From temperature monitoring to debris removal and oxygenation, discover handy solutions to keep your fish healthy and your pond crystal clear all winter long. Embrace the frosty months with confident pond care and witness your underwater haven thrive even as the snow falls.

1. Icebreaker: Pond Thermometer

Know your enemy! Monitor water temperature with the floating/sinking EasyPro thermometer. It’s shatterproof and reads in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

2. Net Gain: Deluxe Pond Cover & EasyPro Pond Netting

Shield your pond from debris with the easy-to-assemble Deluxe Cover Tent. Find the perfect pre-cut net.

3. Cold Comfort: Cold Water Food

As temperatures dip, so does your fish’s metabolism. Feed them the easily digestible Low Protein, Cold Water Food (Wheat Germ).

4. Leaf Lift: EasyPro Pond Net

Reach every corner with the EasyPro telescopic handle and sturdy net. The detachable head makes cleaning and storage a breeze.

5. Breathe Easy: Aerator or Deicer

Punch a hole in the ice with the EasyPro aerator or deicer to release harmful gases and replenish oxygen. Try the energy-efficient deicer, tested to -39°F!

6. Use Barley for your Pond

EasyPro Barley straw becomes a winter MVP for your aquatic oasis, offering a bounty of benefits beyond just summer algae control. Its slow decomposition releases humic acid, a natural algae zapper that keeps water clear even under ice. Plus, it boosts oxygen levels for your finned friends, balances nutrients to prevent harmful bacteria, and even aids in ice melt. Think of it as a winter spa treatment for your pond

7. Power Up without the Stench: Seasonal Boost Bacteria

Boost water clarity and remove pollutants like ammonia and sludge with EasyPro Seasonal Boost Bacteria. Enjoy all the benefits without the nasty smell!

8. Sludge Buster: EasyPro Sludge Remover Bacteria

Pop a pre-measured packet of these water-soluble bacteria into your pond, and watch the sludge disappear! It removes odors, prolongs filter life, and creates a cleaner environment for your fish. Works great with Seasonal Boost Bacteria too!

With these winter essentials, you can confidently navigate the season and keep your pond a tranquil haven for your aquatic friends.