Oase Pond Vacuums

When you’re ready to get serious about keeping your pond clean, then Oase pond vacuums are a step above the rest. Oase is a leader when it comes to manufacturing quality pond components. Their vacuums feature industry-dominating power in a body that is compact and convenient to use. Easy clean up the murkiest waters with these quality made vacuums from Oase. 

Oase Makes The Best Pond Vacuums

When you need unrivaled power, Oase has you covered. Their pond vacuums feature powerful motors that provide from 3,000 to 8,000 liters per hour of continuous suction. Oase vacuums achieve this non-stop suction thanks to their patented dual-chamber technology. Dirty is sucked in and filtered while the sludge is expelled at the same time. This means you can cut your cleaning time in half and get back to enjoying your pond more. 

Besides insane amounts of power, Oase vacuums also boast exceptional durability and performance. Their powerful motors are designed to last, so you can expect a long life from your vacuums. With additions like pre-filter bags, large particles like stones are no longer a problem and won’t harm your vacuum. Not only do they make great choices for your pond, but you can also vacuum your pool or use them around the house like a wet/dry vac.

Oase Pond Vacuums Are Convenient

Oase pond vacuums are powerful, durable, and easy to use. Use them as a wet or dry vacuum anywhere around your home, including the garage. Their pre-filter bags present in some units make it easy to collect large bits of debris. Simply open your vacuum and empty the bag after you are done. Dirty water is also ejected out of the back via a powerful silt pump, and some units can even empty water up to a higher elevation. You can even adjust suction between cleaning the deep end and swallows with a hand regulator placed directly onto the wand. 

Oase Vacuums easily reach anywhere in your pond and can clean up to 2.4m deep in ponds and pools. They have plenty of accessories to extend your reach and help you get under any nook and cranny. The extended suction hose further extends your reach, meaning less time moving and more time cleaning. For the times when you do have to move, Oase makes it easy thanks to a convenient carry handle and wheels.

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