AZFlo Vektor Precision backwash Biological Filter 8000 Gallons – PVBF8000


Model Number – PVBF8000
Pond Size – 8000 Gallons
Plumbing Supplies – 2 inch
Dimensions – 24in Dia x 43in Tall

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These pond and water garden filters are pressure side filters designed to filter out debris as small as 20 microns. They are designed to be used with energy efficient pumps and provide excellent water clarity. No more cleaning filthy filter mats. Cleaning the filter is as easy as turning a handle.

  • Works with low flow pumps
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Backwashing filter may be placed anywhere on discharge of pump
  • Filters come assembled with bio-bead media
  • Bio-bead media specifically designed for ponds
  • Pressure guage included to indicate when to backwash
  • Quick connect fittings on all connections
  • 1in screened drain for winterizing

K3 media size: Each piece is approximately 1 inch diameter, 1/2 inch thick.

media amount per filter:
PVBF2000 – 1.25 c/f
PVBF4000 – 2.25 c/f
PVBF6000 – 3.5 c/f
PVBF8000 – 5 c/f
PVBF10000 – 6 c/f

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