Oase Filtral UVC 400 with UV 400 Gallons – 76004


Dimensions – 8 x 9 x 5 in.
Net Weight – 6.8 lbs.
Operating Voltage – 110-120V / 60Hz
Power Consumption – 20W
UVC Power – 5W
Power Cable Length – 15 ft.
Flow Rate – 195 GPH
Head Height – Up To 4 ft.
Max. Pond Size (no fish) – 400 gallons
Max. Pond Size (fish stock) – 200 gallons

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  • The Filtral is a compact, all-in-one in-pond filter unit with a UV Clarifier and built-in filtration with 4 types of filter media that provide mechanical and biological cleaning for ponds up to 400 gallons
  • The Filtral 400 is powered by a 195 GPH pump and includes a 5W EPA-registered UV Clarifier, two filter foams, as well as bio-media elements and filter pebbles to ensure extra cleaning power
  • Without a nozzle, the Filtral can run a small waterfall or stream via the diverter valve
  • Three interchangeable nozzles included to create attractive water displays
  • Telescoping nozzle tube included for adaptation to the specific water depth
  • Safely confirm that the UVC is working with the visual inspection window at the top of the filter
  • Grounding plate provides unparalleled protection against electrical hazards in your pond
  • Adjustable flow control fine-tunes the flow rate and pumping height
  • The filter pebbles in the net bag and the bio-media elements offer adequate settling surface for beneficial bacteria
  • This product qualifies for the Clear Water Guarantee
  • 2 year included warranty

Whats in the box:

195 GPH Pump and 5W UVC
Filter housing
Filter media (two filter foams, bio-media elements, and filter pebbles) Telescoping nozzle tube
Diverter valve with flow control
Magma fountain nozzle
Lava fountain nozzle
Vulkan fountain nozzle

Clear Water Guarantee:

When a pond owner uses specifically marked CWG products, they are guaranteed to have clear water and minimal maintenance. We guarantee that when a tape measure is placed vertically into the pond to a depth of 3 feet, the water will be clear enough to read the 1 inch mark at the tip of the tape measure.

No Fish Load Avg. Fish Load Heavy  Fish Load UV Clarifier Pump
<400 gal <200 gal 5W included 195 GPH

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