Aeration Information

Aeration Information

The Pond Logic ClearPAC Plus ends the guesswork of pond management by combining essential pond maintenance products into 1 complete pond care package. The Pond Logic ClearPAC Plus allows pond owners to eliminate algae, improve water quality, reduce pond muck, promote fish health and maintain crystal clear water in a few simple steps.

Got Muck? The Pond Logic ClearPAC Plus includes Pond Logic MuckAway to combat excessive pond muck. Eliminate pond muck from high traffic beach areas and lake shorelines so you can spend more time enjoying your pond and less time wading in muck.

Designed for Golf Courses The Pond Logic ClearPAC Golf includes everything you need to keep your golf course pond looking its best. Pre-measured Pond Dye Packets simplify dye application while PondClear and MuckAway keep your water clear and shorelines clear of muck.

Your Season Long Pond Care Package Along with our essential pond maintenance products, the Pond Logic ClearPAC Plus comes complete with easy-to-follow instructions and is guaranteed to work or your money back! Live in a state that restricts algaecides? Not to worry, the Pond Logic ClearPAC Plus is available without Algae Defense so you can enjoy a crystal-clear pond regardless of where you live.

All-In-One Pond Care Package

Kill algae, eliminate pond muck and clear water all in one convenient package

Treats ¼ acre pond for up to 6 months. ½ acre pond for up to 3 months

End the guesswork of pond management

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base


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