Evolution Aqua Cetus Sieve Gravity or Pump Fed – CETUSP

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The Cetus Sieve is a bow screen pre-filter, made using rotational molding technology. It is designed to efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from a pond and can be installed on a gravity fed set-up or a pump fed set-up.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced backwashing of pressure filters
  • Simple installation with flexible connectors
  • Patented pondflow regulation system
  • Large waste collection which is easy to clean
  • Robust one piece mould with no welded joints
  • Can be installed on pump or gravity fed set-ups
  • 575mm (w) x 945mm (h) x 860mm (d)
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The Cetus Sieve is a self-adjusting sieve which can be installed either gravity fed or pump fed. The Cetus Sieve enables your pond water to be filtered of large amounts of waste and debris before the water enters your current filter system. This process is commonly referred to as “pre-filtering”.

The Cetus Sieve can also be used as a stand-alone unit to remove leaves and other floating debris from your pond via a surface skimmer.

The Cetus Sieve will efficiently and effectively remove large amounts of mechanical waste from your pond.

The Cetus Sieve is compatible with all filtration systems, however it is the perfect pre-filter for the Evolution Aqua Nexus filter range.

For gravity fed systems the Cetus Sieve has a weir which will automatically adjust to the flow rate of your pump. (Max flow rate 18,000 litres/hr)

When the Cetus Sieve is used in front of any other biological/mechanical filter the period in between cleaning will be extended. The biological process is improved by the removal of organic matter which would consume oxygen and leach ammonia and other compounds into the water.

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